collaborative paintings

We offer collaborative paintings done with your kids and Art Start. These custom pieces are a wonderful addition to any interior and they make the perfect gift for family (grandparents!) or friends.

The process consists of two separate appointments each lasting 15-45 minutes depending on the size of canvas. The first appointment always includes either hand or foot prints or both. For the second appointment the child paints with a paintbrush.

We use our own color palette but welcome any suggestions, likes or dislikes as far as color or imagery. We also can work to incorporate photos into the paintings.

Once the process is finished and the painting is approved by the family, we will glaze and frame the painting. You leave with a truly unique, sometimes abstract, modern piece of art.

A little Art Start customer
in the process of creating
a colaborative painting

Decorating his canvas with footprints


All canvases are measured in inches and are 1.5” deep

12 x 12 - $95
20 x 20 - $185
18 x 24 - $220
24 x 36 - $300
30 x 40 - $500
36 x 36 - $550
30 x 40 - $600